Maestoso (Intermediate Band)

This group is intended for players who are comfortable playing their instruments and can read music. Typically this group is made up of people who played an instrument in high school or have had basic private instruction. The focus will be on playing as an ensemble, playing in tune and expanding the comfort level of each member on their instrument. 

There is a minimum requirement of 14 people to form this band. Currently there are 24 active members distributed as follows:

Euphonium (1), Trombone (1), Trumpet (5), Alto Saxophone (2), Tenor Saxophone (1), Flute (3), Clarinet (4) Bass Clarinet (1), Bass (1), Oboe (1), Percussionist (4)

We are currently looking to fill the following chairs:

Tuba (1), Euphonium (1), Trombone (1), French Horn (1), Bassoon (1), Alto Saxophone (1), Baritone Saxophone (1), Flute (2), Clarinet (2), Percusion (1), Guitar (1) Keyboard (1).

The Intermediate Band’s repertoire is full works at the Grade 1.5 to 2.5 level for concert band.