Roseleen McGaw – Percussion

Music is such an important part of my life, and to be a part of this magnificent group of musicians is a dream come true. When I first joined the group, I had no experience whatsoever.  I had basic information from early learning.  I am now able to read music at the level of music that is being played each week and I can play a variety of percussion instruments too. In order to prepare for Thursday rehearsal, it’s important to practice every day, and I do. Every detail of our group is very well organized, and we as a group, are fortunate to have the expertise that we do. Our group has a richness about it, and it hold high standards, and respect for all, and because of this, we gather each week to play our beautiful music..🎼🎵🎸🎺🎷🥁 

Dr. André M. Bergeron M.A., Ph.D – Bass  

When I joined the West Island New Horizon Concert Band to share in the pleasure of playing music with a group of amateur musicians, my interest was twofold.  As an aspiring senior citizen less taken by work, I can now afford to dedicate more time and energy to rediscovering music, and especially concert  band music.     

As a clinical psychologist in private practice, and former university and college professor, I know  how significant music can be in promoting and restoring mental health in patients of all ages, but significantly so with older patients.  Not only can I evaluate clinically the contribution of music to the health of my patients, but also attest to the significant and expanding body of scientific literature that supports such a contribution.  Joining the group gives me a direct experience of such benefits for me and my fellow musicians. 

While many forms of intellectual work help maintain and expand older people’s cognitive functions, learning and playing music in a structure environment such as this one offers a great opportunity to further enrich one’s mind, share a stimulating social context and contribute to society through public concerts and other social events.  

Ken Kates – Trumpet  

Music has always been a huge factor in my life. While listening to my personal music and singing along was always as joy, playing my beloved trumpet had been lost to me for over 40 years. I had always searched for a group such as this (even tried to organize one myself once) so it was to my great joy to discover the W.I.N.H. band. I have rediscovered my joy of playing and the amazing people that are in the group with me, sharing the love of music, are a joy also. The mental benefits that are generated by learning and playing new music are enumerable. Whether you've never played a "lick" or are rusty as me, you'll love it. With just a little practice you'll be amazed at what you can do. 

Gary Richardson – Percussion and Keyboards 

Deciding to join the West island new Horizons Concert band was an easy and wise decision for me. It gives me an opportunity to share my love and passion of music with a group of similarly minded individuals. 

It is a fun and challenging learning experience that requires some discipline, (practice), and the benefits are many. We are also fortunate to have an experienced and patient musical Conductor who carefully selects musical material for us to learn that can be enjoyed by just about any musical taste. 

Our motto is "your best is good enough". Come join us. You have nothing to lose, and only a rewarding and beneficial musical and educational experience to gain. 

 Marie-France Stecum - Flute

I started to play flute three years ago because I wanted a brain challenge.  It has been a wonderful journey to see how much space music has taken in my life.  Being part of the band brings another aspect of my music.  You are not alone playing.   You are doing a portion of a piece that when we put it together the results blow your mind.  The other amazing thing about music, it has no language barrier.  It reaches you and spices up your life.   You only need to make music a part of you. 

Linda Haynes - Clarinet

I’ve always loved singing in choirs, but decided to take clarinet lessons when I was in my early 50’s. After taking lessons for awhile, I wanted to join a band. Most bands were beyond my skill level, so when I heard about the WINHB, I jumped for joy!! 

It was perfect for me to play with others who were beginning or hadn’t touched their instrument in years. I enjoy the camaraderie with the other band members, the musical pieces and the sense of accomplishment I feel. Also, my young grandchildren are impressed that their grandma is playing in a band - lol. 

Madeleine Beldov - Percussionist 

Il me fait plaisir de partager que l,harmonie signifie beaucoup pour moi. C'est une grande chance que j'ai de partager ma passion et de pratiquer differentes sortes de musique;c'est beaucoup plus agreable en groupe ce qui permet de connaitre d'autres musiciens ,d'avoir du plaisir et d'etre heureux .    

Barry Blackhurst – Clarinet 

What does it mean to be a part of the West Island New Horizons Band? Well let me tell you. It means purpose, it means joy, it means fun, it means meeting wonderful people. After retiring I knew I needed a new ambition, a new direction. I had always wanted to play a clarinet. I had played the trombone in the high school band but always pictured myself more in the role of Benny Goodman than Glenn Miller. I bought a clarinet took lessons from a local professional and then joined the Montreal New Horizons Band. After a year travelling in to the city I decided to launch the West Island New Horizons Band. We haven’t looked back since June, 2016. And it is only going to get better.  

Mark Climan - Trumpet 

The New Horizons Community Band has been a wonderful addition to my life. It has allowed me to meet new people in the community from all walks of life.

It gives me a reason to get out of the house and contribute to something great. It provides comradery. It is fun, and learning to play an instrument is extremely rewarding. It provides a mental challenge while performing and while practicing. I believe is important to stimulate the brain, and that is doubly true as I age.

Ron Goldenberg Tenor Saxophone 

I was trying to find a beginners’ band on the West Island for many years but was unable to find one. That was until I read the article about Barry forming the West Island New Horizon Band. It was the answer to my quest.

I needed stimulation outside of work – something to challenge the other side of my brain. The experience so far has been rewarding. The band members and the Musical Director have created a welcoming, non-stressful, stimulating and satisfying situation that repeats itself on a weekly basis. A bunch of average musicians come together and create a unified pleasant sound. It is an awesome feeling and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Fortunately, through the band, I have met many good people and found new friends who I hope to play with well into the future.